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Gary 08-18-2015 09:30 PM

Service, Quality and Satisfaction Citation 24ST
Enclosed is my response to Thor:

The seat belts for the sofa were too small and barely fit a 6-year old and could not fit an adult. It took La Mesa RV and Thor over 3 weeks to resolve the issue by providing longer seat belts. The skylight was misaligned but took considerable time for Thor to give a go-ahead to fix it. The tank fill and “city water” connection are in the left aft bay but there is no way to attach the hose without leaving the door open. The fix is simple: provide an access through the floor, like the sewage drain but it must have been too difficult for design engineers to come up with. Quality was poor throughout with latches loose, doors that would not stay closed due to misalignment and lack of attention to detail in assembly. The panel behind the passenger seat was completely unattached. When I submitted a question by email on proper tire pressures, I was asked for the VIN but did not get a response until I followed up two weeks later. I also asked by email if the backup camera could be on with the radio on and never received an answer but we told by La Mesa RV that it could not be done. However, the issue was addressed by other users in the Thor Forums and not only can it be done but it is very simple to do so. The coach sleeper is extremely uncomfortable and if someone is sleeping in the overhead, they have to climb down on top of those sleeping in the sofa bed to the bathroom. The dinning situation is awkward if you have more than two people. Lastly there is no coach specific manual which complicates user maintenance actions. I realize that by buying a smaller coach, some things need to be sacrificed but quality should never be one of them.

KNMIB 08-19-2015 04:22 PM

According to what I read on this forum size doesn't matter when it comes to quality control at RV manufactures. It seems that quality control does not exist in the RV industry. Just get it fixed or fix it and move down the road and enjoy the adventure.

Nursx2 08-19-2015 05:45 PM

KNMIB - Well stated - well stated!

ournextstop 08-23-2015 01:49 AM

Well I am relatively new to the Thor family and this forum but not to RVing. We just transitioned from full time in a 42' DP to this 34 ft Palazzo and part time travelling and are adjusting just fine. However, on the Tiffin owners forum the common complaint was that the RV owners are the final QC for the manufacturers! And, I am hearing the same thing on this forum! From the manufacturers standpoint they still sell plenty of RV's; would the $$ spent on better QC result in more of their RV's selling - I assume they figure not. My experience and preference is to buy RV's that are 2-3 years old and appear to be well cared for. And, I still believe that avoids a lot of new owner issues. I have claimed if I won the lottery tomorrow I would not buy a new RV! I sure would like to win it to prove my point!

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