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Boondock Saint 05-25-2020 02:01 AM

Find the biggest 12v HDTV out there
Hey folks,

I intend to repro my home theater and man cave and while I'm not apposed to running my huge HDTV from an inverter, I'm just wondering what is the largest 12v HDTV that YOU HAVE??

No theoretical discussions here please - I'm not asking what all could be possible if. . ., just the facts. Have you been able to get a 40", 50" 60" 4k HDTV etc?

Thanks in advance! :popcorn:


16ACE27 05-25-2020 02:13 AM

I've never seen one over 28" and the price was ridiculous. If I was looking for a real HDTV (one over 49") I wouldn't even waste my time looking for a 12 VDC one. Get a 120 VAC TV and appropriately sized inverter.

JamieGeek 05-25-2020 02:56 AM

Yeah you won't find many, even below 28" and the ones that are specifically designed to be 12V will be expensive (supply/demand--with cheap inverters available there really isn't much of a demand for 12V TVs).

The thing to do, however, is go to the store and look for TV's that have "bricks": A separate power supply and check the output of the brick. If its 12V you're good to go (the TV may not be listed as a 12V TV). Of course the brick outputs a regulated 12V (always 12V regardless of the input vs the 11-14V your RV's 12V rails can be--you'll need a 12V - 12V DC 2 DC converter for that). Probably a bit more effort than you're willing to do... Besides that; get above about 20" TV and they no longer have a brick.

blw2 05-25-2020 04:56 AM

My 31L came with a 32 inch JensenJE3212LED

taylorbob1 05-25-2020 01:31 PM

Jensen builds a 40
Available at Etrailer for $644

On Edit...
Same unit for $479 at Amazon

Bob Denman 05-25-2020 02:33 PM

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