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thorgem 05-31-2020 05:27 PM

what ton jack
I had a custom made spare tire mount,and have bought tire/rim.Now i'm looking for a jack. Not sure about the ton ratings ,bottle or scissor? Does anyone carry a jack,just in case.I own a 2020 Gemini 23TW,Ford Transit

Bob Denman 05-31-2020 05:57 PM

It's better to carry too much jack; than not enough!
How about something that's at least in the 5 ton range?
That should be able to pick up any corner of your RV with ease! :thumb:

Travelin' Texans 05-31-2020 06:11 PM

If you're getting a jack to use to change a flat tire most bottle jacks won't fit under the axle once the tire is flat, too tall. If jacking from the frame they're too short & require plenty of blocks. Plus they are heavy to move around & store.
But as mentioned get more than you'll need. Check out the ones at Harbor Freight, good selection of different sizes at reasonable prices.
Not trying to talk you out of buying one, just from my experiences.

thorgem 05-31-2020 06:31 PM

I do have a 8 ton bottle jack,but as you say it too high to get under. There is a 3 ton scissor jack on amazon,that I believe would go low enough to get under,, the axle,then I could add the bottle jack once it high enough. Just not sure if 3 tons would be strong enough. I am also considering a torque multiplier,to get the lug nuts off.

Bob Denman 05-31-2020 06:40 PM

3 tons should be enough to lift a corner... :thumb:

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