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HBD415 06-30-2020 09:37 PM

Dual hitch dirt bike/trailer
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Has anyone used this? My dirt bike wonít fit on my trailer with a buggy and this looks like a decent way to get it out to the desert. Looking for someone with experience, Iím aware Iíll have to modify the jack.

Calman 07-01-2020 05:25 PM

I had one a long time ago and it didn't work out.

Instead I took a bike rack (am assuming your dirt bike is of the pedalling variety) and mounted it to front of the trailer. Steps were:

*Welded a length of metal tubing, slightly larger than the bike rack's tubing vertically center of the trailer's front frame.
*Cut the "goose neck" off the bottom of the rack and pushed it into the new tubing.
*Mounted the bike and I was set to go.

Oh, I did drill a hole completely through the new tubing and the rack and inserted a pin through to remove the possibility of bike and rack hitting a bump and flying off.

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