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Heather K 07-10-2013 03:45 PM

water pressure
We have very poor water presure in our 2011 Redwood 39' fifth-wheel. The incoming water pressure is fine. We have changed the water filter but no change. is there a water regulator valve that can be adjusted?

Lloyd 07-10-2013 05:28 PM

You didn't say, so I'm assuming you are hooked to city water???
Is the poor pressure thru out the coach, or just certain faucets/taps?
If just some taps, check and see if the aerator screens are plugged. Is there an inline screen where you hook to the coach?

Heather K 07-10-2013 05:32 PM

water pressure
We are hooked up to a well water system in our RV Park. Everyone else that I have talked to has great water pressure in their trailer. The water pressure is poor in all the taps. I joke and say that I have to run around in my shower to get wet...Ha Ha!
I don't know of an inline screen.

Lloyd 07-10-2013 09:14 PM

Unhook the hose, and see if there is a screen where it screws into the coach.
If that's OK, have you taken the shower head off and inspected that?

Heather K 07-11-2013 12:11 AM

Thanks will try this

anaro 07-11-2013 04:51 AM

for the shower, get an oxygenics shower head as it will give you more pressure while using less water.

9uc 07-11-2013 01:23 PM

Can't help with the water problem, but wanted to extend a welcome!

Heather K 07-15-2013 05:59 PM

We just got back from our weekend at our trailer. We soaked all the ariators in CLR to make sure they were not plugged. Still no pressure. So as a last resort, we took out the filter to see what would happen and hooray, the pressure improved immensely. We soon discovered that the filter we had was too fine for our system. We talked to a plumber at the park and he gave us a different filter to try. Problem solved. We hope this will help someone else in the future.
P.S. Did I mention that we are "Newbies"?

Lloyd 07-15-2013 06:22 PM

Good deal!!!!
Thanks for the report.:thumb:

anaro 07-16-2013 01:47 AM

speaking of filters and water pressure, make sure ou have water pressure regulator on so you don't blow your lines out with too much pressure. You can get these cheap at Walmart.

Oriana 07-16-2013 11:42 PM

Heather - welcome and congratulations on purchasing a Redwood. We have a 2013 36FL and it is also our first coach.

In addition to this forum you can also get great information from the Redwood forum, which can be accessed through the RW website or Google.

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