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kyleslaw 09-11-2020 06:48 PM

Scissor jacks for stabilizing - where/how to mount?
Hi all! New RV owner, so be gentle ;)

I have a Thor Daybreak 30DB (32'3") and want to make sure I level and stabilize appropriately. The MH is on an e450 chassis.

I have the Lynx leveling blocks and just picked up a LevelMate Pro to get me the best guidance on getting level out of the gate (I don't want to use trial and error and waste my time).

I also got 2.5 ton scissor jacks (for stabilizing not leveling... although I figure it might help level within an inch or so... just taking a bit of the load off of a block?) to try to take away some of the sway and bounce. My question is this...

Where and how do I mount these things? Welding is out. I don't see any existing holes on the frame, so I suppose I would have to drill into it (what bit to use?). I had thought about C clamps, but figure that will slide around. I also assume I should get as close to the axles as possible. When looking under the MH, it just seemed to me that the frame was pretty narrow and the stabilizers wouldn't be too close to the edge, which I would have thought would provide better stabilization.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

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