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rynosback 09-16-2020 02:27 AM


Originally Posted by MSK (Post 255017)
I have a 2019 Thor Palazzo 37.4 which has a media set up where there is a combiner box in the overhead compartment above the dinette. It takes input from the DVR, the TV antenna (I think) and distributes it via a series of HDMI cables to the 4 TV's inside and outside the rig. It has a spare HDMI port which I have used to hook my DISH receiver into and distribute to the TV's. Earlier this year I began having problems accessing it on the large retractable TV that sits behind the sofa. I tried various fixes and would have some temporary success but then I lost all connectivity, except for over the air broadcast TV that comes from the omnidirectional antenna. I have been able to run the dish HDMI cable into one of the ports on the smaller living room TV and can successfully watch Dish on it. The same goes for the outside TV and the small one in the bedroom if I port the cable in directly from the DISH receiver.Due to the way the large living room TV is mounted I am unable to access any of it's HDMI ports. I have reset all of the cables and power source for the combiner/distribution box and have all of the appropriate lights illuminated but none of the TVs indicate any signal coming from it on any of the input choices. Also, the DVD player does not seem to be distributing any signal through the box either. (I've gone through all of the cable and power source checks on it as well.) Does anybody have any insight or suggestions on this? Obviously I haven't found any operation manuals in the suitcase full of documents I received with the rig. Also, on a somewhat related issue the sound bar that is connected to the large TV quit producing sound a while back and I have gone through all of the reset to factory settings processes and other things, but can't seem to get it to work with the TV. Thanks in advance.

Do you realize that you posted this in the DRV section? I have asked the admin to move it to the correct section for you.

EA37TS 09-16-2020 02:45 AM

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