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MSK 09-15-2020 07:16 PM

Thor Palazzo Media combiner/output box
I have a 2019 Thor Palazzo 37.4 which has a media set up where there is a combiner box in the overhead compartment above the dinette. It takes input from the DVR, the TV antenna (I think) and distributes it via a series of HDMI cables to the 4 TV's inside and outside the rig. It has a spare HDMI port which I have used to hook my DISH receiver into and distribute to the TV's. Earlier this year I began having problems accessing it on the large retractable TV that sits behind the sofa. I tried various fixes and would have some temporary success but then I lost all connectivity, except for over the air broadcast TV that comes from the omnidirectional antenna. I have been able to run the dish HDMI cable into one of the ports on the smaller living room TV and can successfully watch Dish on it. The same goes for the outside TV and the small one in the bedroom if I port the cable in directly from the DISH receiver.Due to the way the large living room TV is mounted I am unable to access any of it's HDMI ports. I have reset all of the cables and power source for the combiner/distribution box and have all of the appropriate lights illuminated but none of the TVs indicate any signal coming from it on any of the input choices. Also, the DVD player does not seem to be distributing any signal through the box either. (I've gone through all of the cable and power source checks on it as well.) Does anybody have any insight or suggestions on this? Obviously I haven't found any operation manuals in the suitcase full of documents I received with the rig. Also, on a somewhat related issue the sound bar that is connected to the large TV quit producing sound a while back and I have gone through all of the reset to factory settings processes and other things, but can't seem to get it to work with the TV. Thanks in advance.

m1noel 09-16-2020 02:41 AM

I recently had this issue with the retractable TV in our Aria. I was able to remove a window screen, open the window and with the TV up reach in from a ladder outside to reattach the HDMI cable. It had been taped to the back of the TV at the factory, but the tape had dried out and come off. I used zip ties to more permanently keep it plugged in.

valkosr 09-17-2020 11:43 PM

The box has two channels; one distributes the DVR and the other whatever you connect. In your case the Dish satellite. Over air TV and campground cable are distributed through the coax cable and are toggled by the push button on the wall plate in same cabinet over the dinette.

I have had seperate problems with dropping signals to TVs. In one case, the port went bad so I unplugged one of the other less used TVs and moved the main tv to that port. For the tvs over the fireplace and the one in the bedroom the HDMI cables were pulled too tight and the connector separated from the end of the cable. The dealer was able to rebuild the cable in the bedroom and I ended up just running a new cable to the other.

valkosr 09-18-2020 12:51 AM

I was able to access the back of the large tv by raising it about a third of the way, then slide the counter top up & off (no screws it just has long pins on each side), and reach my arm down from the top. I wasn't smart enough to go through the window.

The problem is that the tv mount blocks access to the ports. Sooo, if you flip down the sofa back there are two access panel held on by 4 screws each. Once you remove the panels there are two screws at the bottom of the tv that connect the tv mount to the lift mechanism. Once those are removed the tv will lift up and out of the cabinet. Once out you can access the four screws that connect the mount to the tv. Remove the mount and you can now access the ports. Again I never thought of the window. You may be able to access the four mount screws through the window without having to detach from mechanism.

Note that there is a power outlet inside the cabinet, so don't forget to connect your firestick while your in there.


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