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mcr1010 09-21-2015 09:09 PM

Noise level in Vegas after insulation
I don't have any base line db noise levels before I insulated the doghouse and windshield ducting, but it is definitely much quieter concerning the eng. I think Jamie had some numbers that may serve as a comparison. If you still have those numbers Jamie, maybe you can post them.
Anyway I finished the ducting insulation and dropped my Vegas off at a Ford service center to have the trans. cable replaced. I took the interstate hwy. so I could get an even 60 mph and reading at which I normally cruise . Below are the db's at idle and at 60 mph. These numbers were with my wife's phone and a free app called Sound Meter Lite. I think a good bit of noise is road noise now, and may look into insulating underneath the floor in the cockpit area.

Noise meter at idle; 76-77 db

Noise meter at 60 mph; 77-81 db

Oneilkeys 09-21-2015 10:16 PM

This is a post I did last April. Search oneilkeys and doghouse and you can read the whole series of posts on this issue.

"Took my Vegas on a 400 mile trip from Key Largo to Gainesville FL today and had s chance to test the noise level. At 55 mph I read 78-80 db and at 65 mph 81-82 db.
Even at 65 the engine noise has all but disappeared. Wind noise is all we hear. An added benefit to all the insulation I put in the engine is the fact that at 85-90 degrees on the turnpike, the A/C kept up with the heat and worked much better than last summer. You can feel the difference on the dog house. After 3 hours of driving it was warm, but not hot. I also added an additional layer of tint to the upper windows above the driver and passenger seats and that helped with the heat."

JamieGeek 09-21-2015 10:24 PM

On our last few trips I did notice that the top of the doghouse isn't nearly as warm as it used to be--the sides, however, were still pretty warm.

I think my sound levels were about what both of you are seeing.

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