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TPina 09-24-2020 02:56 PM

xantrex freedom x
I just bought a 21 Thor Omni BB35 and have been prepping for our first trip. I ran into an issue, the inverter shows E10, beeps constantly when powered on and fails to convert power. I called Xantrex customer service and they said disconnect the inverter from the battery for two hours to hard reset...did that no luck. Have any of y'all ran into this issue?


Judge 09-24-2020 03:18 PM

I have a Magnitude SV34 with the same Inverter. Based on the E10 it does sound like an issue with the Inverter.

I would check all of the battery cable connections. It is not unexpected for there to be a loose cable.

Check the positive and negative cables at the Inverter and then check the positive and negative cables at the batteries.

The positive cable at the battery will first connect into a 300A MRBF Terminal Fuse Block. Make sure the cable is tight and the connection to the battery is also tight.

One other thing to check too.....

There is a control panel on the inverter in addition to the remote panel inside the coach. Make sure the power switch on the control panel built into the top of the Inverter is Off (button should be out). If that power button is On, it over-rides the remote panel in the coach.

If none of that checks out, I would contact Thor Warranty Customer Services, tell them about what you have done (including talking to Xantrex support) and ask them to send you a new Inverter. It is not a difficult swap but you do need to be cautious with both the AC and DC power.

TPina 09-25-2020 03:07 AM

Connections are good and the main panel is on standby. It's time to call Thor but we're camping the next few weekends all generator and shore power I guess.

Thank you so much those were great suggestions!

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