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jimbo12 10-01-2020 06:42 PM

Rand McNally GPS Fix
We purchased a Rand McNally RVND7 GPS when we first got our coach in 2017. It has been a good little unit getting us to where we needed to be at the end of the day. With the GPS rollover in April 2019 we started having issues with times, speeds and other little annoyances. I was just about to buy a new GPS and decided to look on the RM website to see if they had come up with a download to fix the problem - no joy.

However, you can request repair of the device by calling RM. I did and to my surprise they fixed it - for free. I was emailed a UPS label on the same day I called, 17 Sept, sent it in on the 18th and got it back today with new software. The unit works like new.

If you were caught up in the GPS rollover then contact RM - the are great.

suenmike 10-01-2020 07:54 PM

Awesome, thank you. We are having the exact same issues.

EA37TS 10-01-2020 09:50 PM

I fixed my Rand McNally issues by getting rid of it and buying a Garmin. No more routings down alleys and load restricted roads. For an RV GPS that thing was a total piece of crap.

suenmike 10-01-2020 09:55 PM

Lol EA37TS, just got off the phone with rand McNally, totally useless. They said they still have not found out how to fix the issue with the GPS7735 that I and other RV’S purchased, so I think I am going to go the route you took. Jimbo 12 thank you anyway for trying to help fellow campers, I’m glad it worked out for you.

jimbo12 10-01-2020 10:07 PM

FWIW my option before the fix was using my iPhone with RVTrip wizard and RVLife GPS apps attached to my Axxera radio with an HDMI/WiFi dongle. Route showed up on the radio screen and audio came through the speakers. It was an acceptable solution.

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