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1129Fran 11-10-2020 11:50 PM

Newbie Hello
Just bought used 2019 Windsport 34R. Finished one week at the beach, which was great. Now in the process of debugging minor things that need fixing.
1) cab AC fan speed control doesn't work on speed 2. Any suggestions on how to remove the plastic cover that surrounds the Axxera system and the AC controls knobs?
2) helpful hints on replacing the kitchen faucet? ...not happy with the flow of water, basically a trickle. Already replaced the shower head and that helped a lot.
3) stairs: 21 inches to step up to the first interior landing. Then two interior steps about 7" rise and 7" wide. The exterior step is (in my opinion) unsafe as it is about a 10" drop. My plan is to build exterior steps which can be easily assembled/disassembled for longer stays. Keep using the factory step when traveling. Anyone else have better ideas?
Thanks much!

coachray 11-11-2020 12:05 AM

Don't have answers for you, but welcome to the forum.

Bob Denman 11-11-2020 12:58 AM

Welcome aboard! :thumb:

paulwadley 11-11-2020 01:31 AM

Welcome to the forum. I am sure someone will answer up on your question about the dash radio.


Mr Sunshine 11-11-2020 11:47 PM

Welcome to the forum! I'll start things off with a stab at your issues. Someone will likely chime in with better ideas, but here goes.

On the Axxera, look for a video on the web for removal. Way back when, I had to do that to see how to make removal easy. Sounds like you might have a bad fan switch. If you can get a number from it, you can probably order replacement from the internet. Or maybe find a match at your local auto parts store.

Have you looked under the sink at the hose to the faucet, checking for a kinked hose would be a first step. Take the diffuser off the faucet and see if it is plugged. If you have decent pressure everywhere else, you've got an obstruction in the line somewhere.

We carry a small folding step for when the levelers make for a big stretch. The one we have can be used folded for about 4 inches, or extended for about 10 inches. When we are traveling, Mrs S likes it under her feet in the folded position.

Bonus: We use a carpet sample cut lengthwise on the steps to catch the dirt and sand from our feet. Even though we usually remove our shoes when we enter, the carpet pieces help keep the coach cleaner. Mostly we use a low shag, but for the beach it is indoor-outdoor.

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