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TomP 10-19-2015 08:06 PM

Axis/Vegas Specs. How do you know
Haven't purchased an RV in almost a decade. Trying to catch up. Very interested in the Vegas 25.2. Really want to make sure I am getting what I want. The 6 speed transmission in the 2016 chassis specifically.
Will Thor date a unit based on the body rather than the chassis? So far the sales people just give me the blank stare when I ask about transmission and chassis. I read that the 2016 chassis is fitted with the 6 speed. Wonder if that holds true for all of them.
One dealer claimed their's had the E-450 chassis. Is that change happening?
So, is there an easy way to identify these important specs - year of chassis, transmission type, and other parts?


EA37TS 10-19-2015 08:12 PM

The easiest way is to get the VIN and then go to Ford's website and do a VIN search on the VIN decoder.

VIN Decoder - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

The year of a coach is based on the house and not on the chassis. For example a 2016 motorhome could be built on a 2015 or even a 2014 chassis depending on what the RV manufacturer has in stock at the start of the build.

DocMike 10-19-2015 08:16 PM


Welcome to the forum.

Yes they date the Unit by the body not the chassis. My case in point I have a 2016 Vegas 24.1 on a 2015 Chassis, an E350 with the 5 speed transmission.

Yes some of the newer 2016 Bodies have a 2016 E450 with the 6 speed transmission. If you go to the thread "Cannot shift out of drive" you will see some of the speculation for the change. There are others much more informed on this Forum that can go into greater detail.


TomP 10-19-2015 11:37 PM

Thanks for the replies. Indeed, VIN decoding seems to be the best bet. As they say "I got an app for that". I did just notice on the Thor website under "specs" they have just Ford "E-Series" rather than E-350.


Mr Sunshine 10-20-2015 01:31 AM

If you want the latest, order one made to your specs. Then you should get the E-450, and mid-year improvements, if any. You might consider the delivery cost to Arizona, we saved almost $2,000 by picking ours up closer to the factory instead of to Florida dealers. I also put in a better ceiling fan with remote for less money.

We are quite happy with our 2016 Vegas 25.2, and would consider the 25.3. Happy hunting!

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