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wogden 08-11-2013 10:21 PM

Chateau 24c maiden voyage ???????
I picked up my new 24c (2013 leftover) on Wednesday and stayed the night in the ST Louis area and then drove it home to VT. So, I have a few questions about things that were not covered at the purchase time. Wonder if you other Chateau users and Class C Trition drivers can chime in and give me some input.
First, the tv worked fine on shore power but does not work on battery power. I was told that it was a 12 volt tv. Seemed reasonable but it is not according to the spec sheet I looked up. It is plugged into a TV Controller outlet but I have no idea why or what this controller does. There is also an extra pair of wires protruding from the wall in the cabinet next to the controller that is connected to 12 VDC. I assumed that this might be for the connection of a invertor.????maybe or maybe not.
Second, the antenna which must be cranked up with the handle in the ceiling has a label on it that says it must be greased two times a year. How is this done? No one told me anything about the antennae. There is also another round knob above the crank. Is this for turning the antennae to recieve better reception?
Thirdly, I was told that there is a low level drain in the rear of the unit on the drivers side. I was told it drains the entire system of water. It does allow water to run out when turned but I question whether it drains the entire system. Also told that there is no internal water filter anymore and I should use an external type on the water hose which I bought. Is that also true?
Lastly, I have never had a Ford drive train before (always been a GM guy) and find the Triton V10 to be extremely noisy and low on take off power.
Sounds more like a straining V6 that a V10. My previous Vortec 6.0 was more responsive and had a better power curve it appears. I suspect that this may just be the way of the V10 but would be curious to hear what others have to say.
Thanks for listening.

mrnoyb 08-13-2013 10:05 PM

The TV is one of the 120V appliances which will only work when the coach is connected to shore power or by use of the generator.

The extra pair of wires are for use with satellite connections.

Page 101 of the owners manual covers the lubrication process for the antenna. The crank raises and lowers and the outer nob rotates the antenna. This allows adjustment for best reception.

The low point drain is used to completely clear the fresh water system.

It's possible to install an internal filter but an external fresh water filter is just as good.

Regarding the Ford chassis. I don't doubt it's louder than the Chevy but I don't find it bothersome. Don't let the noise level cloud the fact the engine produces more torque than the Chevy and that's one of the most important factors when you're driving a small house down the road. I wouldn't buy the model I own until the dealer secured one with a Ford chassis.

9uc 08-13-2013 11:05 PM

I've had both the 8.1 Chevy and three of the Ford V-10 power trains. One of them in a 31 foot class c. They are all noisy, especially on a long climb. We Traded the Class C for our first A, but had to go with the Chevy. Loved the coach, but hated the Chevy/Allison combo, so traded again to get back into a Ford. For me, the trade off has been the better climbing torque and better fuel economy of the Ford. And now on the new unit, Ford has made a dramatic change on the A suspension. The only way I'd change from the Ford is to go with a DP.

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