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Cindy1021 10-26-2015 08:55 PM

2013 Thor Hurricane 34F huge nightmare!!!
May 2013 we purchased the Thor Hurricane 34F...after many years of towing campers we were ready to step it up... We had a year of traveling ahead of us and homeschooling our teenagers... It has been nothing but a nightmare...
Within the first 30 days, slide and electrical problems and it never stopped...
Leaks, heater wired wrong, TVs didn't work correctly, generator issues, wipe motor issues, hydraulic hose repairs, jack repairs, steering repairs, door lock replacement. But now we are replacing the slide motors for the fourth time... The RV guy working on it basically said you will be replacing these all the time. The design is wrong... And will never really work for this super slide...
I'm only mentioning the things off the top of my head... The list is never ending...$100,000 mistake! So now I'm filling out the paperwork for the lemon law here in Texas because of the slides... We have contacted Thor multiple times and never a return call. Now the coach is not useable for trips because of the slide... Oh I should also mention when last extended it basically dropped down from the coach and we had to manually push it in... Manually pushing it in we have done more than once...but now it's coming away from the coach....
This is more than disappointing... My husband is military so his schedule is never the same... So I'm happy to have feedback about this matter...
Very unhappy in Texas...

Beacher 10-26-2015 10:05 PM

Sorry to hear about your 34F slide!

I would write a registered snail-mail letter to the President of Thor and ask if Thor can upgrade the mechanism to the 2015 style double track, or the 2016 style with the new track. Especially, if the first repair was performed under warranty.

If that doesn't work Good Sam's Motorhome magazine has a section for problem resolution. You can write to their editor.

mhbell 10-29-2015 06:22 PM

Slide problems
We just had a problem with our slide on the drivers side. When we started to extend the slide on the drivers side it stuck at the top and the bottom kept going out. wedging the slide. I was able to get it back in. I then had DW push the slide extend button while I pushed the cabinets at the top and it broke loose while I pushed the slide out until fully extended. Hope I don't have to push it back in. It is not a super slide. It is only 8 foot long. This is the first problem we have had with it. The previous owner must have had problems because the access plates on the bottom are missing.

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