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Daveht 11-23-2015 12:34 AM

Are there any Palazzo Owners on this Forum?
Are there any Palazzo Owners on this Forum other then me?

batt603 11-25-2015 03:08 PM

Yes. I have a 2016 33.2. Did not know this forum existed. I usually read the IRV2 forum.


bandorr2000 11-25-2015 05:29 PM

2014 35.1

Daveht 11-28-2015 03:01 PM

Well I guess this is not for DP people?

bandorr2000 11-29-2015 01:13 PM

Just finished Thanksgiving week in Maryland. Traffic was horrendous yesterday, can only imagine how bad it will be today. We ended up jumping over to 40, as 95 was at a standstill, in MD and DE. Front furnace not working, we take it back to the dealer for that and other warranty items, plus winterizing. We have put about 6000 miles on since April, so far am very pleased, especially with MPG - about 9-10, and that's towing our 2015 Equinox.

Bobm1964 01-13-2016 01:41 AM

2013 33.2----
Just picked it up last week, coming from a 2006 Hurricane, we feel spoiled.
Just love it so much, my wife and I find ourselves sitting in it at night after work.
When she goes inside I start the engine and listen for a while!
Life is good

bandorr2000 01-13-2016 01:45 AM

Bobm - Wife and I did the same thing!

sujim 01-14-2016 11:45 PM

Yes, We bought a 2015 36.1 last year.

Bobm1964 01-14-2016 11:50 PM

Well we can't wait any longer, going to do an overnight this weekend.
Although it's supposed to rain, we don't care!

bandorr2000 01-15-2016 10:36 PM

Enjoy, don't be afraid to ask for anything you don't understand. Not an expert, but maybe I can help. Have fun. We are headed to Florida the end of this month, will be there all of February.

Bobm1964 01-15-2016 11:14 PM

Thank You G&J, it's so pretty we look at it every night in the driveway.
Can't wait for a decent trip.
Enjoy the Florida Sun!!!

RDFTravelers 03-05-2016 02:54 AM

Still don't find a whole lot on this form for us DP Palazzo owners? Wonder why this is a Thor Form site. Like the Axis too almost went that way till I saw the Palazzo when we were searching. Hope you got that trip in too Bob.

Bobm1964 03-05-2016 11:06 AM

We did RDF, and subsequently 2 more short weekend trips after that.
I'm amazed, actually not really, how comfortable the setup is, and the ease of just pulling in, pressing a few buttons and instant relax mode. We just can't seem to get enough.
The plan is to stay local this year, learn all the ins and outs of this DP, then maybe next year venture a bit, we have a few nice spots w/in 1-2 hours, wife wants to do Gettysburg and Fort Wilderness on her bucket list next year.

bandorr2000 03-07-2016 03:28 AM

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, our Florida stay was cut short by 2 weeks. Put wife on a plane for Baltimore, then hooked up toad and left Sebring the next day. Drove up to a CG near Baltimore, stopped for about 3 hours to get some sleep. All told, about 20 hours got me there. Stayed until Feb 26, then wife and I came home.
RV goes to the dealer this Friday, the 11th. Developed a leak when it rains and the dinette slide is out, looks like a piece of the front rubber seal is missing near the top.
Also lost the thermostat for the front fan/AC/Furnace, display flashes between the setting and E1, in all positions.
Replacement radio now has display flickering, and a noticeable buzz in the speakers.
One of the stove igniters isn't working.
And the step isn't retracting/extending smoothly.
Then will schedule for it's first Freightliner/Cummins service once I get it back from my dealer.

So, coming up on a year ( end of April ) of ownership. Would I purchase this model again? YES!! Okay, it's had some problems, but nothing disastrous or unfixable. Aggravating, yes. Irritating, yes. But overall, very happy with it. Almost 10000 miles since April of 2015, and looking forward to that many miles, or more, ove rthe next 12 months.

Patrick 03-10-2016 04:08 PM

2016 Thor Palazzo 33.2 here. Agreed! Not a lot of Palazzo owners here.

Patrick 03-10-2016 04:10 PM

Funny as it sounds, I can seem to find the mileage on my 2016 Thor Palazzo 33.2. I've gone through every menu and toggled each direction with no success. The current reading on the ODO was my last trip mileage. Anyone have any insight? The manual isn't very helpful...

EA37TS 03-10-2016 04:22 PM

As stupid as it sounds I once looked at a Freightliner manual and it said to turn on the ignition and the headlights to display the vehicle mileage. Again, it sounds stupid but that was what the book said.

Patrick 03-10-2016 04:37 PM

Agreed Dave! I saw that too. Shy of calling Thor, I'll give it a try next time out. Other than that, all my problems have been solved by shutting everything down and turning it all back on. Basically rebooting. Cameras, TV's and electrical. Cameras don't like bumpy roads. Leaving Napa, Ca. highway 37 is under construction causing cameras to fail. They came right back on once I turned the battery disconnect off then on.

EA37TS 03-10-2016 04:49 PM

Not sure what kind of camera monitor or radio you have but on my Challenger the Axxerra radio, which also serves as the camera monitor, would loose power while driving down the road. It turns out the radio head unit was bad and is being replaced under warranty. Initially the dealer couldn't find a problem but then I told them to drive it down the road. They did and the new head unit was supposed to arrive yesterday and I hope to get my coach back this weekend. It took the dealer tow trips, the first to verify yup, the radio looses power and the second with a meter attached to isolation the problem as either the radio or wiring.

Patrick 03-10-2016 04:55 PM

I have the same system as you. I'm going to add that to my list when I take the coach in for warranty work. I plan to take it at 6 and 11 months under warranty. I like to keep a detailed DD Form 2404 (my version of course).

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