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Buzz102 12-19-2015 02:03 AM

30 amp and 50 amp?
I've run across 2 RV resorts I might want to go to that say they have 50 amp service. My Hurricane 31S has 30 amp. On another forum, someone says you can get a "dog bone converter" and someone else says that the RV will only draw 30 amp even though 50 amp is available.

Anyone know the real skinny on this? Am I safe with the dogbone converter?

Thanks all!

RustyJC 12-19-2015 02:26 AM

Yes, the 30 amp main breaker in your RV's power distribution panel (breaker box) means that your RV can never draw more than 30 amps without tripping the breaker. You need to purchase a 50 amp male to 30 amp female dogbone adapter to plug your RV's shore power cord into the 50 amp receptacle in the power pedestal.

That aside, most power pedestals that provide 50 amp service also have 30 and 20 amp receptacles as well.


FW28z 12-19-2015 10:13 AM

The only real problem when using a dogbone to adapt your 30A service to a 50A breaker is the power cord won't be adequately protected.

You should have a 30A main breaker in your coach to protect it, regardless of whether or not you plug into 30A or 50A service. So in reality, the only item not adequately protected is the power cord between the shorepower pedestal and the 30A breaker in your coach.

People use dogbones all the time to allow plugging 30A cords on a 50A service, and the risk of doing so is minimal. Just make sure you protect the power cord so you don't inadvertently drive over it or otherwise damage it.

EA37TS 12-19-2015 12:14 PM

I routinely stay at a location that has 50 and 20 amp only at the pedestal and with my prior Class C I used a "dog bone" adapter without issue. Although they say 50 amp, when you make the reservations ask if they have 30 amp service. I have seen campgrounds advertise only 50 amp so they can get the "big rig" business.

04fxsts 12-20-2015 10:52 AM

Our ACE is 30A and I carry two dogbones a 50 /30 and a 20/30 that way I can plug into pretty much anything. Something else I have found to be true is sometimes the 30A plug in at the pedestal is not in good shape. I would guess from being the most used and from people plugging in or removing the power cord without shutting off the pedestal breaker. That causes arcing and can damage the cord and socket. If the 30A socket is loose I will use the 50A if available. Jim.

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