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Cindysteve 01-12-2016 02:54 PM

Hi! My name is Cindy and my husband is Steve. we are from outside Chicago. we are less than 5 years out from retirement, and excited to be planning for that transition. After lots of homework, several shows and visiting a few dealers over the last couple of years, we finally have decided on an ACE 29.3 and we are ready to order soon. We have never owned an RV, so we expect that forums like this one will be very helpful the first year as we discover just how much we don't know. Right now, the most intimidating part of this is actually how aggressive the negotiation process is, and getting a real handle on where to find what we "should" pay. (Because MSRP and MAP are certainly not helpful that way)

gbrown 01-12-2016 03:22 PM

Welcome aboard! What I did was get the price from the dealers "near" the factory. Then add transportation to where you live. But do shop around. My local dealer was $13k more than a dealer I found five hours away. The local dealer would not budge.

Also you should understand that unlike passenger vehicles, RV dealers are NOT required to service a unit that wasn't bought there. So consider that in your negotiations. It was a big surprise to me.

All in all, I am a noob. I've only had my rig about 5 months. But I love it. And this forum has been an amazing resource. Folks are very kind here and strive to help.

leshunter 01-12-2016 03:26 PM

Not sure where you are located but I have an Axis 24.1 on order from Tri-County Trailer Sales in Mossville, IL near Peoria and should be picking up in April. It is a family owned business and very easy to work with and the service will be as good as anyone, probably better.
TRI County RV
I see they have a couple of ACE models. The owner is Jack Miller.

Mr Sunshine 01-13-2016 01:56 AM

Welcome! This forum is a great resource. Don't be shy about bringing your questions.
I second the idea to check with several dealers, including those close to the factory. They should have a lower delivery charge and may or may not have the best deal. Remember, price isn't the only thing, there's a lot of difference in dealers. As you make your decisions, knowledge is power!

KNMIB 01-13-2016 08:30 PM

leshunter is correct we bought our unit from Tri County Rv and these people are all about the customer. We bought ours used from them and they go over everything before the unit is delivered. I think the dealer you buy it from is very important because quality control at RV manufactures is non existent. Just read this forum and that becomes evident. The RV we bought from them only had 1600 miles on it and when we picked it up they spent a lot of time going over everything and since this was our first it sure helped. Very quality people at this dealership. Have fun.

JollyRodgers 04-22-2016 02:13 PM

We got our 24.1 from Tri-County RV in Mossville. Jack is great people! We live in Normal - it's so nice to be close to our dealer. They helped us quiet a bit. :-)

Phil Saran 04-22-2016 04:49 PM

Yes shop around, my local dealer (40 miles north of my home) was $20K
more expensive than the dealer I ended up purchasing from (750 miles
south in Texas), yes it was worth a weeks trip (motel, food, etc).

As to size of MH spend some time in the model you are interested in purchasing.
Do you fit on the toilet or in the shower?
If you are sitting on the toilet can you close the door too?

Is the dinette table comfortable to sit at? Can you comfortably watch
the TV from the couch? Is the bed (mattress) comfortable or will you
be spending $500 plus replacing it with a better one?

Is there work space and storage space in the kitchen? Enough room
for what ever pots & pans you imagine taking with you?

What I'm getting at is imagining yourself living in the MH and spending
time in it. Back in the 80's I had a Class C MH and the only person who
could fit in the shower was my (then) 8 yr. old daughter and no I could
not sit on the toilet and close the door, used the campground facilities
a lot.

Finally is a 24 ft MH going to provide enough space for you and your
wife if you are stuck indoors for a few days in a rain storm?

I've also owned a 27 ft TT which was fine for two, but lacked storage,
moved up to a 30 ft TT, better but still lacked storage for clothes on a
3 week trip. The 34E MH we have now fixed all those problems and
works for us.

Sorry if this is a bit long winded.

saddlesore 04-23-2016 01:50 AM

I agree with PhilSaran on coach size and do you fit in shower/crapper & dinette.
We have a 34H, older model but has all we need and a bit more...
Our coach has abundant outside storage so don't have to load up the bedroom with the outside use stuff when we travel.

But read the notes of others as to having alignment and know the short commings of the manufacture. and do a complete try all/use all before you accept the coach from the dealer.

Then bring a change of clothes,minimal cooking stuff and food for 2 meals(dinner/breakfast) fill the fresh water tank & the propane tank....and dry camp one night in the dealers parking lot.. and don't forget a couple of lawn chairs... kick the awning out and enjoy the evening
Then you can address found issues with the dealer..

It's YOUR money and the dealer Wants it... Make them EARN it.

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