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Brakeman48 04-02-2016 10:20 PM

THOR Customer Service - Outstanding!!!
We took our twin 6 year old grandsons on their and our first camping experience last week while our daughter-in-law and son recuperated in peace and quiet with our new grandson born on St. Patrick's day. Enough bragging! On to our experience.

The refrig and living room TV would not work even though both did when I winterized last Fall. A call to THOR Customer Service brought a helpful voice of Bob. Bob had me on the phone for at least 45 minutes while he had me try and test various components. He finally determined the Inverter was bad. He advised me that I was fortunate in that the original one year warranty carried over to me the second owner but, it expires April 4. I scrambled to find a THOR Hurricane service center near me in Maryland only to find two and both of them booked until early May. I called THOR customer service back and they said NO PROBLEM and created an Activity Number so anything related to this problem would be repaired un warranty even if it did go into May or June. Problem #2 - Upon arriving home from our excursion I found both end caps on the awning missing. I called THOR Customer Service, explained the situation and asked that they send the end caps to me for installation since I did not feel comfortable with the motor exposed to elements until I could get an appointment at the dealer. This was Tuesday. THURSDAY BOTH END CAPS ARRIVED SHIPPPED DIRECTLY FROM THOR. Its not uncommon to see complaints about THOR on this site since unhappiness breeds resentment and written responses. That is why I felt compelled to write a positive article based on my experience with Bob and Tim at THOR Customer Service.:):):):):)

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