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jutdean 04-03-2016 09:56 PM

Thor Citation 24sa in St Pete, FL
Just bought a 2015 24sa and I"m very excited. I've been reading a lot on different forums and am prepared for some "surprises"...

So far, I've identified some loose wires that need to be secured in the under carriage and a couple of other minor issues.

Once big concern is that there is ZERO air flow out of the top a/c vent in the bunk area on driver side. There is a slight airflow on the passenger side.

I bought this vehicle slightly used (1500 miles) and I believe it is out of warranty so any fix will be on my own.

Other questions-

Any comments on the awning not being protected? Seems like it would shorten the life quite a bit..

There is something I can't identify the use for right above the large storage compartment on the passenger side. Some kind of clasp system about 5' high (2 on each side 3-4' apart).

Propane use - I'm in FL with a young family. I suspect that i will have to run the generator for the a/c while driving to keep the kids cool. Any comments on whether the engine a/c alone will do the job and if not, what type of propane consumption should I expect on while running the a/c?

I know I'm just listing my concerns/negatives, but I am SO excited to get on the road. Already have a trip planned next weekend!

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