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Ruho 04-27-2016 11:36 PM

Brakemaster 9060 troubleshooting
I own a 2013 diesel thor siesta. 2011 Honda CR-V toad. Had brake master 9060 installed at camping world in spring 2013. Worked great for next 180000 miles. Then compressor quit. Got it running again after I checked relay contacts near compressor. But now.....Air compressor runs constantly in motor home, ABS, BAS, ASR, ESP warning lights come on at sprinter instrument panel, cruise control stops working, air cylinder in tow car applies brake and holds, red diode tow car breaking indicator stays on. Not sure what to do next. This sound familiar to anyone?

Yosemitebob 04-28-2016 05:29 AM

Wow, first off their number is 800-669-9690, I have the same system, but never had any of that. When the dash light is on, your brakes are being applied, I'm sure you know. When the compressor "went" what do you mean, did it blow a fuse, or did you have to replace the compressor. Are you talking about the one mounted under your coach? Also, what are you towing? If your compressor is running constantly, it's leaking somewhere. Your going to have to check all your lines. Disconnect the air line going to the towed vehicle and see if it stops. Are you towing a Jeep? It could also be a diode, have they gotten really wet lately? The diodes that is. If one of the diodes are bad, it would cause current to travel back to the motorhome and activate the brake master solenoid it could leak current back into the towed vehicle. The reason I ask if you are towing a jeep, is the dash lights can come on if this happens, it is why jeeps are suppose to have the battery disconnect installed for that particular reason. I don't, but I always check the operation of the lighting circuits to make sue all is good. Also make sure that the drain valve on the bottom of the air tank is closed also check the drain valve at the bottom of the breakaway reservoir is closed as well. One reason for the break cylinder attached to the brake pedal to not retract would be a kinked air line, so you need to check for this as well. Are your air lines near any "hot" item i.e., exhaust pipes, make sure they are not melted. A bit more complicated task would be making sure dirt didn't enter one of the air ports on the tow and/or towed vehicle to check this you would have to disassemble the quick exhaust valve and make certain it is not jammed.

OK, I just read your not towing a jeep. But, check those diodes anyway for the dash light thing, and your airlines for the running compressor, it really sounds like two separate problems at one time here.

Ruho 05-21-2016 04:06 PM

Replaced proportional valve and all problems went away.

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