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JamieGeek 05-15-2016 05:38 PM

Getting ready to hit the road
Here we are mid-May and I'm finally dewinterizing and sanitizing my water system. (Wish I could have had to do it earlier as we had a slight opportunity to go camping in April that vanished :( )

Pretty simple procedure in the Axis as there are only two sinks, shower, toilet and outside shower. Fill the water tank with water + about 1/2 cup of bleach (I put about 30 gallons of water in). Pump the solution through the camper, let it sit for a few hours, drain tank, flush tank, refill and reflush with clean water... Note: Do all this with the water heater bypassed; you don't want to be filling the water heater with chlorine solution.

Of course things aren't always that easy: The 24.1 is very notorious for having a slow drain on the fresh water tank. Here is a helpful hint: Turn the water pump on and open both low point drain valves (they are right next to the tank drain valve). I was able to completely empty the 30 gallons I had filled the tank to using the pump + low point drains in about 15 minutes.

With me being in Michigan: Just wrapping up putting everything away and it starts to snow...! LOL

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