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ezbuy1 08-16-2016 01:43 PM

New member
just bought a 2016 Challenger 37LX. Now need to sell old 2007 Challenger 370. Excellent condition if anyone knows somebody looking.:coolsmiley:

Jegdrum5050 08-16-2016 01:46 PM

Welcome and congrats on the new MH!!

DEimerman 08-16-2016 04:55 PM

Congratulations on your new coach! We also have the 2016 Challenger LX and really like it. We got it September 2016 and have used it quite a bit. So far just a few minor issues, Thor and CW have been excellent! We've also done a few modifications.

gbrown 08-16-2016 06:02 PM

Welcome aboard. This forum has a wealth of information. I promise to wave to you on the road.

ezbuy1 08-17-2016 11:56 AM

Can you tell me the modifications? Always looking for ideas. So far, our biggest complaint is poor air flow thru a/c ducts.

EA37TS 08-17-2016 12:21 PM

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the purchase.

If your Challenger is like my ND you can increase the airflow through the vents by closing the vents on the AC grills.

Also on mine, the front AC will feed air through all of the vents (front and rear) and vice-versa even if one system is turned off.

Mods I have done to my Challenger include, but are not limited to
  • Sound proofing the dog house
  • Modified the fresh water tank drain so I can sanitize the water hose at the same time I sanitize the rest of the fresh water system
  • Swapped out the living area Seiki TV with a 46 inch Sharp Aquos

bigben 08-17-2016 01:33 PM

Welcome - Welcome. The Challenger LX is a great floor plan and sure you'll enjoy it. How about a PIC?

DEimerman 08-17-2016 04:36 PM

Yes, adjust your vents. It should be ice cold!

Some mods:
1. When we ordered our coach, we requested enough extra flooring so we could remove the carpet and replace with the matching flooring. Looks great! Did you know the middle step has a compartment? Found that out on this forum!

2. We put a matching towel bar in the master bath.

3. Replaced the faucets in both baths with the high ones. Works and looks really good. The existing faucets are too close to the back of the sink. I would make a mess every time I washed my hands.

4. The little cabinet above the entry door, put some screw in hooks to hang keys.

5. Added a washer / dryer combo. Love it!

6. Since we lost the pantry space in that closet, we installed three sliding wood shelves in the big closet next to it that go the full depth of the closet. We figured we have the two closets in the bedroom to hang clothes.
We still have the hanging bar by the washer/dryer to hang things as well.

We would like to modify the dog house someday. It's pretty noisy.

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