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Suem62 10-07-2016 01:37 PM

2017 Thor ACE 29.4
Hi All,

Love this Forum and all the great information exchanged. I am looking to purchase the 29.4 in the next few months. I've noticed there is not a lot posted specifically about the 29.4. I'd like to hear from 29.4 owners about their likes and dislikes about the unit. I'm also curious, if you don't mind, knowing where you purchased the unit and if you feel like you received a good deal and are getting good service.


Pappydude 10-09-2016 03:36 AM

Hi Sue,
I bought my 29.4 at Camping World, Wood Village, OR. I've had it almost a year and althought I've had a few problems - most were covered by the manuf. warranty. Nothing serious but things that needed to get fixed.
I think I got a good deal - traded in a Cougar 35' 5th wheel on a Class C - Freedom Elite 28H. Used it one week and hated it. At the time there were no 30' motor homes on the lot (used ones perhaps but I wanted new) Traded the FE in on the 29.4 and never looked back. Somewhere along the line I probably screwed myself for the quick trade but don't care now.
My first major issue was with the water heater not heating on the AC side - turned out to be a broken wire. Now the step has quit working and I don't know what that issue is - but it's in the shop to find out
My first pet peeve issue was with the fresh water tank. The handle to drain it is behind the wall panel below the drawers in the bedroom. I have to remove the middle drawer completely then climb inside that area just to reach the small handle to turn it 1/4 turn. Thor had no fix - Thor didn't care and refused to acknowledge that it's a design flaw (for me at least) To solve the problem I carved a piece out of 1" plastic pipe that will fit over the handle to open or close it. Then I cut out the panel above the drawer and reinforced the underneath side so the piece would go back into place. Hid that with some rubberized stuff for shelving. Once it's covered you can't tell it's there.
Over all - I like the coach and not caring if I get chastised by others who wouldn't, I'd recommend it to someone else who was interested in one just like it.
Good luck with your purchase........ :popcorn:

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