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Jerry B. 10-08-2016 07:06 PM

Newbie storage question
Is it better to keep the coach plugged into 120v shore power or use a battery maintainer/charger for the batteries during storage? Appreciate any advice.

SuperD 10-08-2016 07:15 PM

I keep mine plugged in to 120v all the time. I keep our coach parked at the end of our drive and close to the garage. I use a 12g extension cord, dog bones to go from 50a to 20a, and push the plugs up under the coach to protect from rain. I occasionally go out and tinker in the coach with something, this way I can turn on tv or whatever else with no problems. I never put battery switch in store position.

EA37TS 10-08-2016 07:53 PM

I have a 50 amp plug on the side of the house and my coach is always plugged in and powered on when we are home. I originally had 30 amp installed but had an electrician upgrade that to 50 amp when we bought the Challenger. For me it was well worth the investment.

Jerry B. 10-08-2016 08:56 PM

Thanks for the info guys. For my application (30 amp system) I guess I would plug into an outlet in my garage and dog bone from 30 to 20 ?

SuperD 10-09-2016 03:20 AM

Just remember you will only get max of 20amps with the dog bone. I have to go from 50 to 20 using two dog bones. Some day if we decide to stay where we are I'll probably get 50 amp installed so I can plug directly in, that would be nice!

gauthig 10-09-2016 07:03 AM

Most converters today have a smart function just like the fancy battery maintainers. Do like the rest of them an keep shore power on even if it's just a dog bone hitting a normal household circuit. You might not be able to run your A/C on this.

Only other thing is to check your water in the batteries monthly and do not use tap water or purified, get distilled - no minerals.

tenbear 10-09-2016 02:12 PM

For long term storage I start by getting the house battery charged with the converter then switch over to a Battery Minder for the long term. I am plugged into a standard 15A circuit so I am carefull not to use any high current items or tools.

I use a trickle charger on the chassis battery.

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