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RCHardy 10-13-2016 01:22 AM

Thor Hurricane 34D.. RV Custom Products Bat Control Center FW 2050
RE: RV Custom Products Battery Control Center P/N FW - 2050
Circuit Board P/N FW 221

I need help with Battery Control Center in my 2008 Thor Hurricane. All of a sudden I needed to use the chassis disconnect switch 3 or 4 times before I could start the engine. Then just now in the middle of a trip I parked it overnight and it would NOT start the next morning. I have replaced all the fuses on the circuit board... All good. The starter solenoid was bad and I replaced it along with the original chassis battery. Still nothing. I even took the disconnect relays out and checked them.. Good. While they were out, I cleaned the terminals with emery cloth. I found a complete trouble shooting guide and printed it out. I will go back through my history and give you the link if you need it. At close $500 I would like to NOT replace the circuit board unless I have to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Tanks in advance

Remztan 10-03-2018 07:59 PM

Did you fix it?
Hi - I'm having a similar problem and wondering if you were able to find a fix?

javelin 10-04-2018 12:27 AM

Thor had a recall about 5 years ago on several coach series, of various years, related to the RV Custom products BCC where the chassis battery latching relay could fail open, cutting off the chassis battery and basically stopping the engine if it was running. So that means “dead in the water” while driving or at night potentially. The recall basically moves the cable from the Chassis Switched post to the Chassis Battery post on the BCC.......but first requiring that the coach disconnect switch is turned off and the chassis battery + cable is removed at the battery.........for safety reasons. They basically are hard wiring the chassis ignition feed directly to the chassis battery. You still require a working chassis disconnect latching relay though for the various other loads it steps etc. You should be able to do a Google recall search on Thor for this issue and a formal recall instruction document (or call Thor).

RV.Net Open Roads Forum: Class A Motorhomes: Thor Battery Control Center Recall

Just a side note, if you are operating the coach and chassis disconnect switches near your entrance door and you do not hear the appropriate latching relays functioning to close or release then you need to check the relays........sounds like you found out how messy that is already. You should also see the lights on the switches when they are on (and you are not on shore AC). I am surprised you said your latching relays were OK since you still had this starting problem.

sespe 10-08-2018 08:35 PM

Here's a link to another thread listing the same problem with a 2008 Hurricane. It includes a link to my thread where I did the BCC recall on my 2009.

2008 Hurricane, will not start - iRV2 Forums

And note there were 2 recalls, with the same number. The first had the wrong instructions.

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