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rmood 12-04-2016 09:56 PM

Water Pump on Quantum WS31
Just went for our first camping trip in brand new 2016 Thor Quantum WS31. We had a great time. We did a short trip to do a shakedown and learn about the systems.

There are a couple of issues (one with our thermostat) but the other is with our fresh water tank and the water pump and wanted to see if any of you had advice.

I filled the fresh water tank before we left. I had connected to city water at home and so I did not turn on the water pump during that time. When we camped we also had city water and all worked OK. We we dry camped for a few hours we tried turning on the water pump to get water. We can hear the water pump operating but it doesn't develop water. I opened faucets, etc., tried again, no luck. After we returned home I dumped all the entire fresh water tank and refilled and tried again. Same thing, pump runs but no water pressure. I turn it off after 30 to 60 seconds to avoid burning it up.

Our unit had been winterized. I wonder if there's a shut off valve someplace that prevents this tank from feeding the water lines in the coach? I've looked all over for such a valve and can't find anything. I assume the tank and pump are under the bed in the back. It's under a panel that's screwed shut. Before I tear apart our bed and open that up, any suggestions?


BWare 03-25-2017 03:14 AM

Water Pump on Quantrum WS31
I drive a '16 Thor Windsport 31 S, which is probably very similar to your coach. There is a valve near the fresh water tank that allows you to drain the tank. In the same line, there is one that allows you to attach an air line to the system and blow out the faucets and lines, WITHOUT allowing the air pressure from entering the fresh water tank. The culprit valve is between the air input and the tank. At least that is the set up on my Windsport.

Bruce W
USAF (Ret.)

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