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blw2 07-02-2014 02:44 AM

How to Adjust the rear view cam settings
I think I need to tweak the settings for the night mode IR emitters, if there is one....
Are all the settings burried in the display radio, or are there also adjustments to be made elsewhere?
I haevn't seen a manual for the camera.

At the prebuy, the camera was inop but they fixed it. said there was a wire under the dash loose.
Fast forward a couple days, and it stopped working again. Jsut a white screen.

I just pulled the engine cover to gain access, and found that the camera feed wire was drooping down through the seal into the engine compartment. Pushed it back up under the dash. Never found a loose connection, but the jiggling got it going again..... I'll look a little closer when there's light, but I'm thinking the night mode nees some adjustment. The IR emitters are over powering the camera i think.....

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