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italiavb 03-23-2017 01:05 PM

Chassis Service
Ford chassis service - I have a Miramar 35.2 and live in the New Orleans area. Where do the other Ford V-10 owners have their rig serviced....oil changes and other maintenance type stuff?

JamieGeek 03-23-2017 01:14 PM

I'm nowhere near New Orleans but the places I've had our Axis serviced are nationwide:
  • Had our alignment done at a Goodyear Commercial Truck Service shop
  • Had our Generator serviced at a Cummins Bridgeway shop (who told me that they are full service and can handle any needs for V-10 servicing)
  • Had our oil changed once at a Ford dealer (these are hard to find: Ford dealers that can handle RV's--takes a lot of calling around)
  • Had our oil changed (both V-10 and genny) at Camping World
  • You can also look through RV Service Reviews for a nearby place with good reviews

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