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mfrennolds 03-26-2017 12:45 PM

De-Winterizing with No Flow to Faucets Afterward
Good morning. It's always something. Yesterday, I de-winterized the plumbing system, removing anti-freeze, adding bleach and then flushing. I filled the fresh water tank, ensured the bypass was closed and the water heater valves were re-opened. Then, opened all faucets and turned the pump on. The toilet worked like a champ, with the pump providing plenty of pressure. However, the kitchen faucet did not produce any water (even after waiting long enough). In addition, there was no water coming from the "hot" water faucets.

After a few minutes and after all faucets were shut, I turned on the bathroom cold faucet and the pump seemed to "stutter", pumping water to the faucet. Still, no water out of the kitchen faucet, the hot water faucets and the outside shower. The toilet works like a champ.

Any ideas? I am a first-time with a Thor Four Winds 31E motorhome and I know just enough to be dangerous. Thank you for your help!

SuperD 03-26-2017 01:16 PM

Try turning your bypass valves with the faucet open to see if you get flow, you may have them turned the wrong way. I've done that more than once!

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