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sage 04-20-2017 05:05 PM

Thor schematics and intellectual property
"Off topic from the reason for the post - but actually Thor can distribute any way they see fit... It doesn't take away the fact that they have marked the drawing as copyright material (all that is legally required to do).

Typically they provide the detailed drawings to those already owning a coach (providing VIN) - but they could post on their website if they wanted to - still wouldn't change that it shouldn't be posted here by anyone without permission from Thor."
from gmc's post

This is absolutely correct. I worked in licensing intellectual property for 20+ years and consider myself a little bit of an expert in this area. The fact that Thor emails these drawings to anyone who asks doesn't give you the right to make copies of them and give those copies to anyone else. All Thor has to do is label them confidential and copyrighted and they are legally protected if they wish to pursue a legal claim.

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