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rlcpe 05-24-2017 02:50 AM

New Quantum Owners
My wife and I just took delivery of a 2017 Thor Quantum 31WS. Stepping down from a 41ft DP. (Used) and a 35' winnie gas. Love the fact that the 31 is something my wife feels comfortable to drive. I (hopefully) will no longer have to be the sole driver.

We are hoping that after the dealer completes correction of the issues we found during the PDI, that things will go smoothly. Hard to believe that after the price one pays for "Dealer Prep" on the MSRP, the prep was anything but thorough.

That being said, the problems we had with the 42ft DP which we bought used, one year old with only 13K miles on it make what we are now experiencing quite minor and easily corrected. We finally got rid of the DP last fall, and it cost us dearly.:ermm:

We're looking forward to a 6 wk trip around the west later this summer, and hope that the Thor stands up.

Cehouck 05-24-2017 03:21 PM

We purchased the quantum RS26 in February and love ours it is in the shop right now getting some warranty work done but it was all minor things.

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