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ratboy46 09-11-2014 04:20 AM

factory for repairs.
Bought our 34.2 Miramar on February 13, 2014. We have had it out 3 times. Would be on the road more if it was in working order to travel.
There are so many repairs needed and at 2 CW's they suggested we take it to the factory to be fixed. From slide out issues to hydraulic's, these are only 2 things that need to be fixed.
Tim Buss from Thor told us the first opening for us to bring it up is in December.
If they are that backed up I believe that tells everyone how poorly they are sending these coaches to the dealers.
We are done with Camping World. CW does not have the workers that know how to make the repairs we need. We have had the slide out worked on 4-5 times. Hydraulics's 3 times. They just don't seem to be able to get things right.
Anyone else out there have a 34.2 Miramar that are having trouble.
I will post later all of the problems we have had.
We have asked for a Rep from Thor come down and go throught the coach with us so we can point out the numerous repairs that need to be done. They want us to take it to CW and Thor to send down a Tech to do the work. We first would like to see the reaction of a Rep when they see the condition we received it in and how poor their Q/C is.
Hope everyone else out there is not having the problems we are having.
Would not recommend Thor to anyone.

aa9zz 09-11-2014 12:50 PM

If it's any consolation, I have an Airstream Class B on a Sprinter chassis. I had issues last month and they told be it would be the end of November before they could see it. I think th issue is the reduction in staff to save money.

trucker_dad 09-13-2014 02:28 PM

Quality control
Qc is out the door.It comes a distant second to profit.Stock holders are the 1st priority.Iv learned within 24 hrs that the rv dealers are like car dealers,out of the lot-forgot.

royo 09-23-2014 07:09 PM

2014 thor chateau 24c class c
We agree with you on the poor quality control, also the poor customer service from REGISTER CHEV RV BROOKSVILLE ,FL 34613 the RV DEALER We purchased this new Class C from.
On the second day of ownership, on a trip from Florida to Alaska 700 total miles the TRANSMISSION went out, we were stuck at a Ford dealer in Illinois with two dogs and 90+ degree heat, both the dealer and Thor said they would pick up motel costs of $200, while it is in the shop with the transmission out waiting on parts. since it is only two days since purchase, this happened in JUNE 2014 IT IS NOW SEPT 23 2014, RECEIVED NOTHING FROM EITHER REGISTER CHEV OR THOR, THEY ONLY CAN LIE TO US, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALER. THE RV had several other problems, the only slide leaked in 4 places, what a mess inside the rv, the generator is hard starting, the pantry door fell off while driving on a freeway, it was held on with (4 ) 1/2 inch screws, the door weighs 40 lbs with a mirror on it. the antenna crank handle fell off the first 25 miles,coach door wasn't closing,clearance light not working, and the outside storage compartment was missing most of the screws the inside tray was hanging down, unable to put anything in it, I replaced 24 screws into frame and it was ok,the pass side seat belt was defective, could not pull it out off retractor, there's more. we have gave up on this unit, traded it in on a winnebago

FW28z 09-24-2014 12:24 AM

We bought our Four Winds used - two years old with 5,800 miles on it. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky as we have not really had many problems.

Sure there are a few things, such as the crank falling off the antenna. But that is really an issue with Winegard not Thor. In fact, it has fallen off twice. Simply the setscrew loosens. Perhaps a bit of Locktite is in order.

We have had some trim issues as well, which required fixing, a busted trim piece on the table, a sloppy installed slide out switch, and some vinyl flooring coming up around the edges.

While I agree that we should not have to fix these things, especially those of you buying new, luckily mine have all been minor.

The thing I have realized with boats (have owned several - as large as 32ft), and now RVs... if you are going to use them, you are going to break something. It used to be with one boat - we called it "Jinxed", we had to stop by the parts department each time we returned from an outing.

Again, this should not be happening, but we just realize you are gonna need to fix stuff.

Now, simple stuff I can write off, but major stuff, like a bad transmission - that would really upset me.

petef 10-03-2014 02:38 AM

I sent Tim an email about our out of round tires, bad alignment I had to fix, and other issues like the chassis a/c not working in August, he has not replied yet. I have fixed many other problems myself but some stuff can not do. Thor is the worst company I have ever delt with, never buy their product again. It is to bad because we really like the coach floorplan but I can say don't get involved with tbis brand unless you can buy at rock bottom and are willing to fix/pay for repairs as there is really no warranty or customer support, though the Ford side is not to bad, as it is Ford based service but we still got screwed by leaving the coach at their Ford dealer ( for 3 weeks) and paying $246 for them to test drive it and say it is not their issue to deal with...chassis a/c not working and vibration problems...

ratboy46 10-03-2014 03:58 AM

Poor QC and Very Poor Customer Relations
So agree with all you said.
After speaking with Tim and telling him that CW of Cocoa FL had worked on our slide out twice and after taking it on vacation it broke after the third use. Stopped in Fayettville, NC and they couldn't fix it but said it was ok to drive it. Little did we know we would have rain when we got back into FL and the slide leaked so much it looked like we had a stream inside.

Since we couldn't get an appt. to take it to the Thor Factory until Dec. We asked Tim to send a Thor Tech down to CW Cocoa to repair it and at the same time they could train them how to fix this type of slide out. It is very obvious that the engineering on this slide out is horrible.

Tim changed his mind and said he was not sending down a tech and he was going to work with CW Cocoa to make sure it got fixed.

We asked Tim to put us through to someone higher up with Thor and he told us we had to work through him.

Isn't that great PR? Thor is interested in the sales, stocks, and not the customer. It's obvious why they partner with Camping Worlds and Marcus Lemonis, they both believe in two things that are most important to them and that is in making money and taking care of their guys that work for them.

Marcus and his show The Profit. Oh Boy, I understand the show is coming back on. He needs to check into his own company, Camping World and see how he can make it better for the customers and not train his employees to see how much they can charge for work being done at their service centers.

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot it is for "The Profit".

retromike 10-03-2014 10:16 PM

Miramar 34.2 2014
I am said to say that I have had the same problems with CW and so many issues with this coach that i cant list them all. 4 weeks in the shop and still no fix from CW St Aug,Fl. on some items. Used the coach once since March now my battery swith shutoff doesnt work. The list of shoddy work that I personally have repaired continues. I have sent emals and made calls to Thor with no response to my inquiries. Oh well just keep trucking along.

petef 10-04-2014 01:41 AM

I called a local CW for warranty, they said bring it and park it for 3 weeks before they would look at it after I told them I did not buy from them, I said I can come in 3 weeks, was told no, you have to park it for 3 weeks before they work on it. When I asked them about warranty my Goodyear out of round tires they told me they only sell them and do not do warranty work! But they did offer to take them off my RV, send them to Goodyear at my expense and wait on a reply...I was in the tire biz for 20 years, so I know this is not how it works, just a BS story they gave me. And I am a Prem member of their club..until the next renewal.

JDHoge 10-14-2014 10:14 PM

Like FW28z, we purchased our 2013 31F Four Winds used with very few miles on it.The purchase price was less than book value, perhaps a consumer discontent driven phenomenon. At any rate, we've had very few problems with our MH so far. The slides work; the coach body is good; the E450 Ford seems durable and strong; etc.
Our dealer, Crown RV of Conyers, GA is decent and as honest as they come, I think. We've had one issue with Thor that speaks of incompetence, however, and that is our request to have a full length outer slide seal set to us. So far Thor has sent two different and totally wrong rubber seals, despite Crown RV's attempt to help us. I think Crown RV even sent Thor a cross section view of what the outer slide seal was supposed to look like. IMO, it's hard to justify such incompetence on the part of any employee or company. There simply isn't any explanation that I can come up with other than employee incompetence or deliberate wrongdoing. Clearly Thor needs better management and employees if it is to survive.

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