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JDHoge 10-06-2014 11:14 AM

Nu Finish Polish

Over the years, I've used Nu Finish on and off on several trucks and cars with mixed success. The label says it is safe for boats and RVs, so not long after we purchased our MH, I cleaned the fiberglass surfaces and used Nu Finish as my polish. The result was very good on the sides and rear, but not on the over cab fiberglass for some reason.

My recent roof cleaning with the Olympic deck cleaner (which worked miracles on the mold stains) put streaks in the Nu Finish, so I'm having to go back and re-do all of the fiberglass.

Again, the results on the sides and back are pretty good, but the over-cab area lacks the brilliant luster.

I'd like to know if any of you have suggestions on what to do? Or I'd like to hear what processes you have used to polish your rigs.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and stories of what you do.

Athens, GA

FW28z 10-06-2014 01:31 PM

In the boating world, one popular product is Poliglow, which will certainly restore the glossy finish to fiberglass. Some boaters do not like it though as it can yellow if you apply consecutive coats from one year to the next without removing the old coat.

You also have to get all of the old wax off and start out with a clean piece of fiberglass.

So I would try just a small area first and see how you like it.

A few people have used it for motorhomes as well. If it's fiberglass (at least gel coated fiberglass), then Poliglow will shine it up.

aa9zz 10-06-2014 03:53 PM

What other cleaners and polish/waxes are good for fiberglass. Does anyone else have favorites?

JDHoge 10-06-2014 06:38 PM

Good question. I'd like to know, too.

FW28z 10-07-2014 12:31 AM

From my previous post, Poliglow is not a wax, it is a clear-coat for fiberglass.

When I had a boat, my favorite fiberglass wax was Meguiar's Flagship.

JDHoge 10-07-2014 02:03 AM

Would Meguiar's Flagship wax be what you would recommend for an RV, too, or are there better alternatives? Nu Finish makes a big deal out of saying that it is not a wax....

FW28z 10-07-2014 02:08 AM

I have not used Meguiars on my RV yet, but it is fiberglass like boats, so it should work fine I would think.

blw2 10-07-2014 04:14 PM

I've read a lot of folks use 303 aerospace protectant.
and just yesterday I was reading that some folks like something called Rejex to make bugs easy to get off.
I personally haven't gotten to any of this just yet....

FW28z 10-07-2014 05:50 PM

I have some 303 left over from the boating days. I used it to protect the vinyl seats and those kinds of things. But it didn't do as good of a job for me on the fiberglass as the Meguiers wax.

And like anything boating, it's expensive.

aa9zz 10-08-2014 02:48 AM

I copied the following from the Klasse website. I have used Klass products on my cars and Class B motor home for some time. I don't know about the All-In-One polish on just fiberglass (although I have always covered the entire car, glass and all), but the sealant worked very well and applied easily. It seems like it would work with fiberglass. Anyone else use it?

From the product page...Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is a highly concentrated acrylic formula glaze for new cars and oxidation-free surfaces. High Gloss Glaze provides an additional protective layer over the All-In-One with an exceptionally brilliant mirror-like shine.

High Gloss Sealant Glaze creates an elastic, non-chip, shrink-proof, heat and scratch resistant - protective seal against ultraviolet rays, salt water, acid rain and industrial pollutants for up to 12 months. Use this glaze on all paints with or without clear coats, glass, fiberglass , Plexiglass, plastics, metal surfaces, enamel, tiles, Formica and all non-porous surfaces. It is anti-static, non-abrasive and contains no ingredients harmful to paint, metal or plastic.

FW28z 10-08-2014 07:54 AM

Oh, and while we are talking waxing and such, I used a buffer on the boat. With over 1,000 sq ft to wax, hand waxing does not cut it.

Not all waxes can be used with machine buffers, so make sure you use the right wax if you are using a buffer. But if you don't buy the correct stuff, and more importantly, use it correctly - you can damage the finish by "swirling" it.

One popular "buffer", and the one I have is the Porter Cable 7424 orbital sander, which is typically converted to a buffer by use of a pad and backing plate.

I used a foam pad for application and a lamb's wool pad for polishing. There are different types of application pads... some are more abrasive than others, so if you go this route - start out with the least abrasive pad you can.

I actually bought a DVD showing how a classic Corvette was polished with the 7424 before attempting it on the boat.

Still, with around 600 sq ft of fiberglass on the moho, I need to find my buffer, which is somewhere around the house, I think in the shed. We stored all of our residual boating stuff after it was damaged in a storage building fire, so it's around somewhere.

aa9zz 10-09-2014 12:37 AM

Just found this. Applying would be much easier in applying with a buffer. It gets 4 1/2 stars.

aa9zz 10-13-2014 02:11 AM

This looks interesting too. Anyone ever use it? I liek th "lasts six times longer."

JDHoge 10-13-2014 10:17 AM

No, but I agree that it looks very enticing. I'm going to order the cleaner was and also the paste wax, so we'll soon have a test case. I'll have to wait to order until the end of the week as we're heading out for a three day camping trip day after tomorrow.
Our MH sits outside 24/7 365 so I have to keep after its appearance. I think it would stay cleaner if it moved more frequently but our planned full time camping adventure puts us in campgrounds one to two weeks at a time, so our present use pattern is similar to what will happen then...

JDHoge 10-15-2014 11:46 AM

I just came across this product. Man is it expensive...

Permanon Finishes USA, Never Wax Again, Paint Protection, Surface Protection, Detailing, Car Truck & Boat Paint Protection, Finish Protection, Hospital Hotel Maintenance

I don't think we can afford it right now but it's something to think about.

aa9zz 12-14-2014 10:44 PM

I just read that some RV'ers are using ZEP high traffic floor shine to protect the exterior of their units. Has anyone here used it?

blw2 12-14-2014 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by aa9zz (Post 5996)
I just read that some RV'ers are using ZEP high traffic floor shine to protect the exterior of their units. Has anyone here used it?

I have no first hand experience with it, yet. But i have read the same thing quite a bit over on another forum I frequent. Very common I take it.

aa9zz 12-14-2014 11:29 PM

High traffic or High Shine or both? Any UV protection?

Beacher 12-17-2014 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by aa9zz (Post 5998)
High traffic or High Shine or both? Any UV protection?


However, shoe scuff marks on the outside walls of your RV will wipe right off.;)

aa9zz 12-17-2014 01:50 AM

I walked right into that one. I'm glad I didn't skip, but then it would have been easy to clean.

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