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msbond 10-17-2014 12:23 AM

2015 Miramar 34.2
Has anyone had slide out problems? When closed it will not seal in the middle of the slide? Wanted to see if anyone has adjusted one?

brianh442 10-17-2014 03:19 AM

Welcome msbond,

Is that slide problem the only one so far?? I have a 2014 34.2 and I've had nothing but problems since taking delivery in Feb of this year. The unit is back at the dealer, it's been there all total approx 4 months!!! August was the only month I didn't have it into the dealer for repairs, that's because we were sick and tired of the dealer having it more than us, and we wanted to try and get some use out of the damn thing!

My rig arrived at the dealer in dis-repair, approx 10-15 items requiring repair or replacement, it arrived from the factory with all of this stuff defective or broke!! We took the unit out on a shake down trip and discovered another 15 items. That's 30+ items needing repair or replacing on an RV arriving at the dealer with approx 2,100 miles!

Here we are 8-9 months later still trying to get some of those items resolved. The dealer gets some of the blame, but I put a lot of the onus on Thor for letting this thing leave its facility is such poor shape!!

As to the problem with your ginormous slide, I just started noticing an issue with the slide on our last trip out in Aug. As the slide would start coming in, the front would get out of sync with the back and it would stop. I would have to run it out and back in a couple of times to get it to finally come all the way in. It seems like the motors all of a sudden can't work together to retract the slide. I'm anal about having my coach level for slide operation, so I know that's not an issue!!

Upon close inspection, I discovered the metal track on the top and bottom of the slide, front side had metal shavings on the track. The 4 motors appear to be laboring to get the slide to retract.

I looked around on some other forums and have found owners of the Thor diesel coaches, particularly the Palazzo are having problems with the ginormous slide. Apparently a slide of this size should have a total of 6 motors to properly run the slide, 3 in the front and 3 in the back, (there should be another track in the middle of the top and bottom track).

It appears this may have been a cost cutting measure!! I took lots of pics and video of the slide issue and ran the slide for the dealer, the dealer rep scratched his head and agreed that didn't look right! They've had it over a month now and they are still waiting to hear back from Thor on a solution!! Mean while, I've had to pass on a couple of camping opportunities, which is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!!

I've all but lost my patients with Thor, and considering the Lemon Law as an option! Anybody else have to use the Lemon Law for a lemon RV??

Search this forum and others about Thor products and see for your self!

Sorry to rant, I feel a little better now!!!

FW28z 10-17-2014 07:21 AM

I have always cringed at those long slide outs.

Hate to say it, but I think the root cause of your slide out problems is the size of your slide out. It seems to me to be an awfully long slide out to be using that kind of system, and its my guess that it will never work correctly.

Good luck and I hope the best for you and others with this problem.

sdconner 02-19-2015 06:58 PM

2014 Miramar 34.2.

We just took delivery (used) of a 2014 Thor Miramar 34.2. It had 5,121 miles and 4 months of previous ownership. Was manufactured 8/2013. The old owner upgraded to a diesel pusher.

We have gone out on two dry camping trips and have discovered MANY manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. Fixing "stupid" has been my main job with this rig.

Love the layout/looks/amenities of the Miramar. The build quality is suspect.


brianh442 02-21-2015 04:51 AM

Hi Steve,

Welcome Aboard!!

As you can see from my above post, I have issues with my 34.2!! My slide issue in part was caused by a missing roller. It appears Thor has added a third track and motor to the 34.2. If you look at the 2015 models, you will see the 3rd rail at the top.

Keep a close eye on those slide tracks, watch for signs of metal flakes and chips, gouges and unusual wear. If you spot anything unusual, have it checked out immediately!!!!!!!!

I have new issues that I'm dealing with, I've retained an attorney and I'm trying to resolve this situation!

Good luck!!

ratboy46 02-22-2015 01:35 AM

We own the same coach. Hate to tell you, but you are right. The layout and looks are nice. Thats about all that is nice on this coach. It was the first year they made the miramar and it definitely shows they were just thrown together with inferior materials. Cheap parts just don't get it.
I hope the guy who you bought it from didn't buy a Thor pusher. He will probably have the same problems.
BTW, we bought a brand new Miramar and now we have a refurbished Miramar which needs to be refurbished again.
Best of luck to you!!

brianh442 02-22-2015 04:03 PM

If you had a new one, how did you end up with a refurbished? Just curious?


ratboy46 02-22-2015 06:46 PM

We did purchase a new unit. It had many problems. The slideout and hydraulics being the major ones. I won't tell you the list of everything.

When it went back to the factory and they supposedly redid/replaced/repainted/or repaired with additional or different parts it became refurbished.

When we got it back it had a lot of things redone or fixed. Sorry to say there were some things not fixed and other things showed up in need of repair when we got it back.

All the redo's they attempted, I guess we are calling it now a refurbished unit.
They now would like it back to correct things and get it right.
At this point we are wondering if they can get it right since we gave them a chance to earn back our faith in Thor. Sorry, that didn't happen.


Bob n Cindy 02-26-2015 12:54 AM


Our 2014 Miramar 34.2 is going back to the factory for repairs/paint next month. Have 30+ items needing repair/replacement plus the coach needs to be repainted in spots and new clear coat applied to entire coach. Dealership tried to repair the paint job and buffed (scratched) the entire coach. Don't understand why the did the entire thing when only one side needed help. Hopefully all will go well while it's in the RV hospital. One can only hope. Is anyone going to the Thor Owners Club rally in Florida (May 2015)? We are signed up to attend but sounds like they needed 15 more coach's for it to be a go. Will be a good time to ask questions concerning our coach's since Thor/Ford/Freightliner folks are supposed to attend also.

laberj45 06-27-2016 06:31 AM

2017 Miramar 34.3
My 2017 Miramar 34.3 came with the slide not working. Found that the slide not only had a roller issue, but that the slide was the 2 slide system - not the 3Trax system that was supposed to have addressed the full wall slide issues. So we bought a 2017 with a 2015 slide it sounds..... Not sure what my next course is going to be. Dealer fabricating slide to make it a 3Trax - but I'm thinking we might need to go over this work and perhaps manipulate our warranty a little.....

Polarkruzer 07-11-2016 05:01 AM

slide out jamming in the middle
With our unit there was some cables hanging down, getting pinch. I just tucked them back up and closed the velcro cover. It worked fine but I do check now and then.

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