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X Full Timer 07-31-2017 10:48 PM

Satellite wiring 2016 Thor Siesta
My camper has an external connector for Cable but not for Satellite. I want DirecTV and have purchased a Wineguard Carryout G2+ antenna and a couple DirecTV HR24 receivers. I know that the G2 will support three TV (two of which will show the same channel). So to operate 3 TV's I need to run a secondary coax in from the antenna.

Will the system work if I connect the primary lead from the antenna to that external connector? The main coax into the camper goes to a 3-way coax splitter so I know I have to disconnect one of the outputs and connect it directly to the secondary coax from the antenna with a barrel connector.

I hear that trying to receive satellite signals through the "Cable TV" wiring system won't work but can't understand why.


gmc 08-01-2017 03:02 AM

Cable - especially analog - is more tolerant of 'cheap' cables and connectors than satellite... Satellite input cannot pass through a splitter on the way to the receiver.

If you have good quality cable and connectors - and no splitter in the line between antenna and receiver it should work.
The odds of both of those in original equipment in one of our RVs??? :eek:

Worth a shot though.

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