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Filling gasoline tank for winter storage

Can I fill my gasoline tank for winter storage with fuel containing ethanol and add stabilizer, or do I need to use non-ethanol fuel? RV will be in storage for 6 months.

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Yes, fill it with your regular brand of fuel and add Stabil to the fuel.

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I agree: give it a long drink of it's favorite flavor, and top it off with a Sta-Bil chaser!
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I copied this off of a boat website, it has some good info on E-10. Since it is on the internet it must be true.

When E10 gasoline comes into contact with water, ethanol will allow fuel to absorb some or all of that water. This is actually somewhat beneficial, but fuel can reach a saturation point and water can phase separate to form a distinct layer in the bottom of the tank. The upper “gasoline” layer will be depleted of ethanol and have a reduced octane level. The lower “phase separation” layer will be a corrosive mix of water and ethanol. No chemical agent or fuel additive can be added to E10 gasoline, in a reasonable quantity, that will fully prevent phase separation or recombine a phase-separated layer. Seasonal storage with E10 fuel is another likely time for problems. During storage, fuel will tend to oxidize; it will become “sour”, and may absorb water from condensation. Water-holding capacity of E10 fuel is reduced with lower temperatures, so phase separation is more likely with winter temperatures. E10 can hold approximately 0.5% water at 60F (.64 ounces in a gallon, or 12 ounces of water in a 20-gallon gas tank), but can only hold about 0.35% water at 20F (.45 ounces in a gallon). If possible, store your boat for the winter with a full fuel tank. Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel at the recommended dosage. Run the engine for 10 minutes to distribute stabilized fuel into the engine and fuel lines. Top off the tank to reduce the amount of exchange with the air that may bring in condensation.

However, Stihl, the power equipment company recommends that ethanol based fuels not be used if store for over 30 days.
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Thanks to living in Florida, I haven't had to winterize my rigs. But when I lived up by the Mason Dixon Line, when winterizing my boat I always poured Stabil into the tank before filling with gas so that the incoming flow of gas would thoroughly mix with the stabilizer. Then I would run the engines for 15~20 minutes to get the stabilized mixture throughout the fuel lines, fuel filters and into the carburetors.
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You can also fill with the non-ethanol fuel for storage. It's bit pricey but probably a lot cheaper than the alternative end result. In addition to running the engine for a bit to purge fuel lines (as recommended above), run your generator for 30 minutes or so for the same reason. Either way, a full tank is always your best bet against condensation which amplifies the water absorption/ethanol issue. Finally, crank it a few times over the winter and keep things "alive".
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If I'm parking for long term storage, 2-3 months, I usually add the Blue Stabil at the last fillup before I start pumping, fill up w regular E10, pull away from pump, start generator, and head back to storage area. Then, about once a month or so start generator and big engine, let run for 10-15 minutes, shut down for another month or so.
Never had any issues w either gas wise. Now, knock on wood so I don't jinx myself. Thx. Dennis.
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Looks like all of the "Sta-Bil" products are good for "up to 12 months".

"Use STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer in any gasoline-powered vehicle or equipment you plan to store for 30-days or longer. It keeps the fuel fresh for up to 12 months during storage, eliminating the need to drain your tank. Works effectively in all gasoline blends, including Ethanol-blended fuel, up to E-85. Perfect for collector cars, generators, lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc."

I been using the "Sta-Bil 360" for ethanol fuels for the last couple of years without any problems. But I try to drive my RV and exercise the generator once a month or so just because I can.
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SeaFoam is an alternative. I don't winterize, but I snowbirdize end of December when the flocks arrive leaving us with few places to go until that magical moment in April.

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