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FE29 Generator Cuts Off

I have a 2018 Freedom Elite FE29. I have had this RV for about 9 months with no problems running the generator. Now, for some reason, the generator starts up and after running for a few minutes, shuts down. At first I thought the AC was overloading it, but find that it shuts down even when there is no load. I also have a full tank of gas. I would appreciate any insights folks have about this problem.

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The fault codes for the generator stopping are on page 35 of the "Generator Handbook". If you don't have a copy it is on the Onan website. When the generator stops, count the blinks on the stop start control panel and look up the fault and recommended action or if further interrogation is needed.

Jim & Roy Davis
2016 Hurricane 31S
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Thanks Beau388. I am getting a Service Fault Code no. 15. I found the Onan Handbook but it doesn't interpret the codes. I can't seem to find an Operator's Manual. Do you have something that can tell me what 15 is?
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Google it it will find the code you need
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Code 15 is Under Frequency. It means the engine is running to0 slow.
Ted & Melinda
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Fault Codes
The genset controller provides extensive diagnostics by causing the status indicator
light on the Control Switch to blink in a coded fashion. Following a fault shutdown,
the indicator light will repeatedly blink one, two, three or four blinks at a time.

One blink
indicates shutdown due to high engine coolant temperature.

Two blinks
indicates a low oil pressure fault.

Three blinks
indicates a service fault. Press Stop once to cause the
two-digit, second-level fault code to blink. (Pressing Stop again will stop the
blinking.)The two-digit code consists of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 blinks, a brief pause,
and then 1 to 9 blinks. The first set of blinks represents the tens digit and the
second set of blinks the units digit of the fault code number. For example,
Fault Code No. 36 appears as:
blink-blink-blink—pause—blink-blink-blink-blink-blink-blink— long pause—

Four blinks
indicates that cranking exceeded 30 seconds without the
engine starting.
Fault Code Nos. 3 and 4 are first level faults. Avoid interpreting them
as second-level Fault Code Nos. 33 and 44, which have not been assigned
as fault codes.
Restoring Fault Code Blinking
– The fault code stops blinking after five
minutes (15 minutes, Series HGJAA). Press Stop three times within five seconds to
restore blinking.
Note that the last fault logged will blink, even after the
condition that caused the shutdown has been corrected.

Some genset service procedures present hazards that can result in severe personal injury
or death. Only trained and experienced persons with knowledge of fuels, electricity, and machinery
hazards should perform genset service. See Safety Precautions.
Logic: Carburetor Models – Frequency less than 54Hz for 30 continuous seconds
EFI Models – Frequency less than 54Hz for 8 continuous seconds
Possible causes: Genset loads, Inverter/Charger, engine governor function, fuel supply, air fuel mixture, ex-
haust system, choke, demand regulator, carburetor, generator drive system, generator windings, ignition, wire
Diagnosis & Repair:
1. Verify that Last Fault is FC 15: Yes, continue diagnosis; No, troubleshoot actual last fault.
2. Measure AC current while running genset with vehicle loads: identify faulty or short cycling loads.
3. Determine battery charge rate (typical default is 80 percent): if adjustable reduce to 30 percent.
4. Measure genset load capability with shop load bank (derate for altitude and temperature as necessary).
5. Measure genset frequency and droop while running.
6. Measure AC frequency while changing engine rpm to determine if frequency response matches engine
rpm response: repair damaged generator drive system as necessary.
7. Disconnect genset control P1 connector, verify P1 pins are fully inserted and inspect pin condition per
PSB–676: insert, repair or replace pins as necessary.
8. Reconnect P1 connector and test run genset for fault occurrence: repair or replace pins in connector as
9. Check air filter cleanliness; replace air filter as necessary.
10. Check for blocked or damaged exhaust system: repair or replace exhaust components as necessary.
11. HGJAD only – Run genset in Engine Run Only and externally excite field with 12 VDC or 24 VDC and
measure main and quadrature winding AC output.
12. Non EFI only – If the genset will not stay running measure genset frequency, quadrature winding and
main winding voltages using Break-Out Tool 420–0603 and Instruction Sheet R1098.
13. All Gasoline Models
A. Vapor lock may occur in high ambient temperatures: operate in ambients at less than 120°F; verify
proper installation to prevent air recirculation; correct as necessary.
B. Measure steady DC voltage at fuel pump while genset is cranking: repair wiring as necessary.
C. Try to start genset on shop fuel supply: verify tank level and fuel line condition in vehicle.
14. All Gasoline Carburetor Models
A. Verify carburetor altitude setting: readjust as necessary.
B. Verify choke operation, setting, linkage, vacuum pull off assembly and sustain valve: readjust, repair
or replace as necessary.
C. Measure fuel pump pressure/flow: replace fuel filter or fuel pump as necessary.
D. Inspect carburetor butterfly for binding: replace carburetor as necessary

Jim & Roy Davis
2016 Hurricane 31S
1961 Rampside in tow
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