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Thread: Acronym list
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Wandering Woods
Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: AXIS 25.3
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From the IRV2 forum

AC - Alternating currently, traditionally 120 volts

A/C - Air Conditioning

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AFK - Away from Keyboard

AMP - Amperes

APU = Auxiliary Power Unit (Generator)

ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid


BC - Brake Controller

BIL - Brother in Law

BLM or BOLM - Bureau of Land Management

Boondocking - Traditionally Dispersed camping without hookups, usually on BLM or USFS land, not to be confused with Wallydocking

BTW - By the way

BW - Black Water, waste water from an RV's onboard toilet

Beer - Alcoholic Beverage of choice amongst campers, comes in a wide variety of flavors


Cat - Caterpillar

CCC - Cargo carrying capacity

CF - Camp Fire

CG - Camp Ground

COE - Army Corps of Engineers

CRS - Camp remember something

CTC/C2C - Coast to Coast (Discount Camping)

CW - CampingWorld


DC - Direct current as in 12VDC

DD - Dear DaughterDD - Dear Daughter

DH - Darling or Dear Husband

DOT - Dept of Transportation

DP - Diesel Pusher

DS - Dear Son

DS - Dump Station

DSDP - Dutch Star Diesel Pusher

Dually - Dual real wheals

DW - Darling or Dear Wife


EDPM - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monoromer (Rubber Roof)

ERS - Emergency Road Service

ESP - Extended Service Plan


FIL - Father in Law

FHU - Full Hook Ups

Fiver - Fifth Wheel

FMCA = Family Motor Coach Association

FR - Forestry Road

FRED - Front End Diesel

FT - Full Time

Furry kids - Pets

FW - Fresh Water, drinking water stored on-board an RV for use in Eating, Bathing, Dishes, etc...Can also mean Fifth Wheel or Fleetwood

FWIW - For what it's worth

FYI - For your information


GAWR or GAW = Gross Axle Weight Rating

GCVW or GCW = Gross Combined Vehicle Weight

GOB - Good ol' Boy

GPS - Global Positioning Satellite or System

GS - Good Sam

GTWR - Gross Trailer Weight Rating

GVW or GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

GW - Grey Water, waste water from shower and sink drains


HH - Happy Hour

HTH - Hope this Helps

HTT - hybrid travel trailer

HW - hot water

HWH - hot water heater, but can also be HW Hydraulic levelers


IIRC - If I Remember Correctly

IMO - In my opinion

IMHO - In my humble opinion

IP - Internet Provider

ISP - Internet Service Provider



KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid


L8R - Later

L8R G8R = Later Gator

LEO - Law Enforcement Official/Officer

LMAO - Laughing my a__ off

LOL - Laughing Out Loud , Lots Of Luck, Lots Of Love

LTVA - Long Term Visitor Area

LP or LPG - Liquid Propane Gas


MH = Motor Home

MIL - Mother in Law

MODs - Moderators

Mods - Modifications done to your RV

MTCW = My Two Cents Worth


NF - National Forest

NP - National Park

NPS - National Park Service


OALAEHO = Opinions Are Like A__holes, Everybody Has One

OEM = Original Equipement by the Manufacturer

OMG - Oh my God

OP - Original Post, Original Poster


PUP - Pop-up Tent Trailer

PTJ - Power Tongue Jack

Pig Tails - Hose used to connect propane tank to regulator

PIA - Pain in Ass

PITA - Pain In the Ass

PM - PrivateMessage

PO - Previous Owner

PPA - Passport America (Discount Camping)

P/S - Power Steering

PW - Pressure Washer


Qs - Questions


ROTFLOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A__ Off

RV - Recreational Vehicle, used as a general term for all forms of vehicle that have living quarters similar to a home, but in smaller sizes, such as Motorhomes, Travel trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck Campers, etc... In the specific form, it refers to a motorhome

RPI = Resort Parks International (Membership Parks)


SB = Short Box or Bed of a Tow Vehicle

S&B = Sticks and Bricks ( House )

SCWR = Sleeping Capacity Weight Rating

SIL - Sister in Law

SKP - Escapee

SO - Significant Other

SOB - Some other brand

Stinky Slinky - The accordion-like hose used to dump the holding tanks on an RV

SP - State Park

SS - Surround Sound


TC - Truck Camper

TH - Toy Hauler

TMI - Too Much Information

TV - Tow Vehicle & Television

TP - Toilet paper

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Toad - Vehicle towed behind an RV

TT - Travel Trailer

TWR/TLR = Tongue Weight Rating, Tongue Load Rating,


USFS - US Forestry Service

UVW or UVWR - Unloaded Vehicle Weight Rating


VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

VLR - Vertical Load Rating


Wallydocking - Overnighting in a Wal-Mart parking lot

Wally World - Wal-Mart

WDH - Weight distributing hitch

WD or W/D - Washer/Dryer

WDW - Walt Disney World

WES - Water/Electric/Sewer

WH - WorkHorse



YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

YMWV - Your Mileage Will Vary



4X2 - 2 wheel drive

4X4 - 4 wheel drive

4WD - 4 wheel drive

5er/5'r/5ver - Fifth Wheel Trailer

*Thanks to member Doggy Daddy for compiling this list
Paul Woods
2018 Axis 25.3
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